| logo / identity

WHO:  BEAT Beauty, the first makeup brand to cater to the needs of today's diverse men and women.

WHAT:  Bold and serifed respect-demanding typography underscored
by a stylized lipstick point, finished by a "feminine" contrasting "beauty."
WHY: The tension between the
typefaces evoke the push and pull power dynamics that the brand seduces the viewer into. A punch of blood red, it grips you into it's own world of chic, empowered, and unabashed beauty.

digital | 

WHAT: Responsive suite
WHY: Clean, forward, and adaptable. Designed for the most clean and enjoyable user experience.


| packaging

WHAT:  Stark negative space, photography of raw product, typography structured in same contrasting format as identity.
WHY: Disassembled, the makeup is shown through the tactile context, with the suggestion of the audience's power behind each manipulation.

print |

WHAT:  Series of three diverse made-up looks, including male representation
WHY: Beauty and self expression is as versatile as the makeup Beat Beauty sells, this series represents three unique stories and serve to inspire your own.