designer's note |


Upon reviewing the publication, Breakthroughs, I wanted to bring in new energy to this editorial piece and concept. Immediately, it’s understood that the gravity of their content requires a strong tone and aesthetic to carry the depth of their material across all of it’s pages effectively.

That said, I felt excited and confident to execute this challenging adventure while building a unique visual story through these three pages. Of the utmost importance was to keep the orientations as rich and arresting as possible while not sacrificing the flow of the writing or Miller’s messages. It’s with great pride I invite you to review the follow pages below.


cover: why? |

As evidenced by Christine’s story, fortune favors the bold. Her story deserves this gripping feature and assertion of it’s message.

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interior: what? 

Clean, forward aesthetic enlivened by negative space, strong hierarchy, contrasting typography, and energetic uses of color and photography.


When conceptualizing how to best display the article's research, it was critical to reinforce it's tangibility in context of the overarching message.

Being that cancer is a result of mutations in our DNA, I used the helix in varying length to display the varying scale. Using it in this way would help visually impart the association of the disease's birthplace.