N E W   Y O R K   T I M E S   A D   R E D E S I G N 

problem |

Liberty Travel invested more money into their New York Times full-page ad than any other marketing initiative, period. This ad was critically important as it drove the creative for all other channels displayed in stores, windows, and on the web. The time spent on this NYT ad, alone, would define every impression the brand made for the 2-4 weeks it ran.

However, upon my research, a random sample of a 6-month period showed there were only 1800 phone calls in response to this. This was after spending 3.5 million.

To reimagine how this ad would be redesigned was difficult by itself, but there were two major challenges that stood in the way—

1. Partner advertising was sold to multiple partners each week and had to be considered within the formatting. 
2. The time limit to redesign our largest investment, valued at over 7 million, was only 24 hours.


methodology |

The campaign set to launch for New Years was built as "The top 14 things you should aspire to do in 2014."

One of the weakest points of the NYT ad's current layout was that there was very little imagery nor respect given to typography.  Not to mention, their branding was archaic and failing a modern audience.

The idea that felt most exciting? Make as much of the paper visual as possible, make the public see this and actually desire what the idea is, itself.



| process

The best way to explain the process? Sheer chaos.

Time was spent scrambling together many failed ideas to make paid, partner advertising co-exist with Liberty's branded efforts that also had to be reconsidered. Stressed? Understatement.

What suddenly clicked was an idea to visually represent and create a playful structure for the 14 aspirations while blending the paid content within the campaign's story.

result |

After the carnival show that this day was, the result was a hit! 

We received unsolicited compliments from the New York Times themselves and showed an increase in response YOY for 11 out of the first 12 weeks the redesigned style circulated.

This design went on to be further refined and adapted as Liberty creatively moved forward and developed their marketing calendar.