As-Seen-In-Reality Testimonails

It is such an honor to work alongside David. As a fellow graphic designer, I find his passion and drive to be contagious. Each of his design projects are meticulously thought out, and the results are fresh, modern and exciting. From print, to branding and identity, to web design and everything in-between, David has proven to be a versatile and well rounded designer. His vibrant personalty brightens the office everyday, he is truly a pleasure to work with." — Amanda McIntyre, Web Designer, FC USA, INC.

"David has been an incredibly influential and wonderful talent to join Flight Centre, USA. From the beginning, he's proven his talent, innovation, and unique creative perspective time and time again. I've entrusted David with some of our largest projects and ambitious tasks with total confidence that the outcome will be on target with our goals while exceeding my creative expectations. He's made a well-respected name for himself within the organization and is a true pleasure to have on the team." Leigha Hughen, Design & Production Manager, FC USA, INC.


"Last spring, I had the pleasure of doing a mentorship to employment program with David. In that time, he demonstrated a skill set and acumen not often seen at his experience level. 

He is, of course, a talented art director. But what's most impressive about David's approach to design is his strategic thought process. He identifies the "why" behind his work, grounding decisions in a deeper conceptual stratum. And although David is able to work and design independently, he has an intuitive sense for the appropriate time to ask questions and gather input. 

In addition to his propensity for sharp, thoughtful design, David is also an excellent long- and short-form writer--always a welcome addition to a creative team. 

Above all of his professional skills, David is a joy to work with, a strong, kind, loyal person who inspires trust in teammates and clients alike." Sam Indrawis, VP, Group Art Supervisor, Harrison and Star