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WHO:  Secret Recipe, an online platform for foodies looking to find or share their next recipe, tips, and tricks.

WHAT:  Mixed, playful vintage typography referencing a
hand-drawn aesthetic, finished by a rising sun uniting the trio.

WHY:  Food is an art form, the essence of daily life,
and human history. Paying homage to this, the type was chosen in a handwritten style, mixed with the block lettering of yesterday's butcher and cheese shops. A rising sun, another tribute to our evolution of food and time, completes the logo and welcomes a sense of warmth like a home-cooked meal.

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WHAT:  Responsive website across most common devices: desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones. Design continues around the contemporary revival of vintage references, with parchment paper, food stains, and ribbons.
WHY: All of the design choices and elements were to combine in a seamless aesthetic of nostalgia, comfort, and invitation. Ribbon navigation from jam jars, stained paper textures from the cooking and dining spaces, and pops of bright color and vector shapes to frame content and bring in the vibrancy that all of this life unites to emanate. 


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