Email Design, Post-Rebrand: 1.8 million subscribers

Responsible for as much as 40% of our daily revenue, these emails are the core of our business hitting its ambitious monthly goals of up to $21m.
I’ve been the sole designer for this list’s content and their subsequent multi-channel assets to ensure the success of our 400-900k daily targets.


UI: Investment Icon Explorations

We sought to add a badge on items that we, as a marketplace leader, referred to as “forever pieces.” A “forever piece” is any item that would retain a large part of its value or appreciate in value— such as Hermès Birkins, Chanel Flap Bags, Rolex watches, etc., etc. Our theory was this badge would increase conversion by boosting shoppers’ confidence in both the item they were looking at and our brand.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4.46.51 PM.png

Art Direction + Photography

The Problem: No Resources

With no in-house photography for campaign use and costly and uncontrolled stock photography, I was constantly at a loss for resources to keep our creative elevated, on-season and trend, and impactful for CtOR and conversion.


Whether you’re behind a camera or in front of a computer screen, you have to own your composition— it’s about making your audience see and experience the product the way you intend.

The Solution: Original Content with $0 Budget, +41.3% Results

Our Editorial Content Manager, Morgan Wynn, and I sought to solve this pain point and realized: we had thousands of incredible,
in-season items in-house. With her trend knowledge, our combined art direction, and my experience in photography, we created several no-budget shoots that refreshed our tone and industry standing.

When we tracked the campaigns with our new photography’s performance, we saw an increase of 41.3% in click-through while saving over $10k in company budget.


Email Design, Pre-Rebrand: Diverse, Elevated, Playful