Case Study: Tradesy Email Optimization

The goal of this work was to simultaneously increase the engagement of our 1.8million email list through an improved CtOR (click-to-open rate) and conversion in sales while strengthening the brand through consistent and familiar design.


1. Emails weren’t mobile-optimized despite
over 50% of our email opens were
on mobile devices

2. Frequent and common types of email sends, (by size, by price, one-day sales, etc.) lacked consistency or familiarity risking fatigue and higher churn rates while also sacrificing fast click-to-open-rates

3. Hero images were prioritized over product detail and visibility.

*Emails, right, were designed prior to my joining Tradesy, illustrating the challenges.


The Process:

It was important to consider how someone could experience the product before they might purchase it— increasing not just the size of the product but of its detail allows someone to imagine owning it more richly.

Screenshot 2019-05-18 21.10.06.png

Seeking to harmonize the relationship between imagery and product, this grid was designed to achieve an innate elevated visual experience that was easy to make distinct with new imagery and product while consistently reinforcing the brand.

Large type in one of the brand fonts not only emboldens the copy
but brings forth
further familiarity.


Designs were developed around our four most common types: price buckets, editorial trends, flash sales, and by size.

I then pursued scientific data through statistical significance and A/B testing.

The Results:

Working with a sample size of 290,000 and running three tests for this sample, it was shown that the emails improved CtOR (by type):

Price Buckets: 19.54%
Flash Sales: 38.75%
By Size: 14.84%
Editorial: 4.79%

And cumulatively brought in $45,000 more dollars.

Additionally, with these templates, productivity improved by 40%.